hummm,, this is my first entry on this blog.. i am trying to share some of my thought via blog.. already have blog account via friendster, but i never update it anymore.. hope this one can continue well ^^
well.. currently i am crazy about DBSK and Super Junior, Korean boyband. i think they are really good at performance. I love 99% of DBSK song.. not to forget that they are good looking 😀 and i also love Super Junior reality show.. they are hilarious :)) some of my favorite are Full House and Adonis Camp (^_^)
DBSK/ Dong Bang Shin Ki/ TVXQ/ Tohoshinki
super junior

aaa… almost forget to mention.. Family Outing is also a good show, host by Nation siblings Yoo Jaesuk & Lee Hyori and other 6 family member which also Korean famous entertainer:
Yoon Jongshin, Kim JongKook, Kang Daesung (of Big Bang), Kim Sooro, Park SiYeon (previously Park Yejin) and Park HaeJin (previously Lee Chunhee).. family outing i really love this show.. all are dare to look very natural (bloat face after wake up, no cosmetic when going to sleep, et). the games they played sometimes are making me laugh to death :))

hmmm.. if only i have the chance to work together with them, it would be a great experience in my life *daydreaming* fufufu 🙂
ok ok.. day dreaming.. now i’m going back to reality.. back to work girl!


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