-In The Cab-

Here I am, sit nicely in the cab while facing a regular traffic *d’oh*
And I remember that I owe my dearest ‘pillow-like’ friend Wina a post, regarding to her Maroon5 concert’s post.. It’s been a while since I wrote it, but just got the chance to post it now..(lame excuse, I know)
So here’s to you Wina.. It’s only a short post, but I’m trying hard to write it.

Warning: grammar error

Dear Wina,

Do u think I know all of Maroon 5 member’s name?
I don’t.
Adam Levine is the only one that I ever heard of :p

Do u think I know all of their song?
I don’t.
This Love, Sunday Morning, Moves Like Jagger, what else? I have no idea :p

Do u think I know all of the song sang by the Kpop singer?
I actually don’t.
Most of the time I just do the humming + screaming + photographing at the concert, hehee.. And I usually come alone to these concert.

But all I know is how to have fun with my self. Going alone can be super boring (I felt this usually during the queue) coz u got no one to share your story at the moment. But why should I let the boredoms & loneliness destroy my happiness? I am responsible for the happiness of myself 😀
So I am glad that u are brave enough to conquer ur ‘dependable to other people’ habit.

As I can see that u are transforming yourselves into a better Wina.
You start wearing ‘non-black’ color clothes. I’m pretty shock to see u wearing purple clothes & glasses (if I didn’t see it wrong). Wow, is this really Wina who loves to wear black anywhere in any occassion? :p
And then u have a ladylike shoes, THAT IS WONDERFUL!!
And the most important, u laugh often..that is so sweet 🙂

I believe that you are changing not because of me, but because you want to change and be a better Wina.
You don’t know how much I love the new you.. The merrier & brighter Wina :p

I love you Gapuakkkk!! -xoxo-


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