Fall in Korea – Day 1: Exploring Seoul

My 3 friends & I are landed in Incheon airport around 10 am KST and headed  to our lodging (Gasan Guest House) somewhere in Namguro.. 6 of our friends already checked-in in the guest house earlier and we’re the last group to arrived. The guest house is small but clean, the owner is very nice 🙂 We have a quick lunch (free ramyeon) before exploring Seoul.

Our first stop is Gyeongbok palace. At the time we arrived, the guard changing ceremony is just finished, too bad for my 3 friends who didn’t get the chance to take pictures with them. So we asked some foreigner to take a group photo (thank you mister!)


And some personal photo at Gwanghwamun


After spent 2 hours in the area, we continue our trip to Namsan Tower by walking (yahoo!. We passed the famous Jongno Tower, Cheonggyecheon Stream & Myeongdong. It’s kinda tired to walk along the distance, but it was fun (at least for me ><). We’ve got to see people on the street after office hour (crowd, traffic jam) and buy snack from pojangmacha (yumm yumm) ^^


And.. tadah! we arrived at Namsan Tower.. Snap some photos at the locks of love..


and in front of the Teddy Bear Museum


We end the day with dinner at a small restaurant in Myeongdong. I try the pork mandoo soup for the first time but i don’t like it. Too much veggies, no pork can be found! At the end, i stole some ramyeon from Dewi’s boul hahaa..

And.. we missed the last subway. Ha! So we return to the guest house by taxi. Thank you Mr. Taxi Taxi Taxi!!


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