-In The Cab-

Here I am, sit nicely in the cab while facing a regular traffic *d’oh*
And I remember that I owe my dearest ‘pillow-like’ friend Wina a post, regarding to her Maroon5 concert’s post.. It’s been a while since I wrote it, but just got the chance to post it now..(lame excuse, I know)
So here’s to you Wina.. It’s only a short post, but I’m trying hard to write it.

Warning: grammar error

Dear Wina,

Do u think I know all of Maroon 5 member’s name?
I don’t.
Adam Levine is the only one that I ever heard of :p

Do u think I know all of their song?
I don’t.
This Love, Sunday Morning, Moves Like Jagger, what else? I have no idea :p

Do u think I know all of the song sang by the Kpop singer?
I actually don’t.
Most of the time I just do the humming + screaming + photographing at the concert, hehee.. And I usually come alone to these concert.

But all I know is how to have fun with my self. Going alone can be super boring (I felt this usually during the queue) coz u got no one to share your story at the moment. But why should I let the boredoms & loneliness destroy my happiness? I am responsible for the happiness of myself 😀
So I am glad that u are brave enough to conquer ur ‘dependable to other people’ habit.

As I can see that u are transforming yourselves into a better Wina.
You start wearing ‘non-black’ color clothes. I’m pretty shock to see u wearing purple clothes & glasses (if I didn’t see it wrong). Wow, is this really Wina who loves to wear black anywhere in any occassion? :p
And then u have a ladylike shoes, THAT IS WONDERFUL!!
And the most important, u laugh often..that is so sweet 🙂

I believe that you are changing not because of me, but because you want to change and be a better Wina.
You don’t know how much I love the new you.. The merrier & brighter Wina :p

I love you Gapuakkkk!! -xoxo-



Our friends RK is going to move to Makassar next Wednesday. Kinda sad that she is leaving. Today she told me ‘I trust my boyfriend to you, no one can ride with him but you’ *LOL* my oh my, she’s so cute =))
We’ve known each other through his boyfriend who came to Jakarta few years earlier than her. I get to know her more since our trip to Anyer beach and we became good friends ever since 🙂
Well, I hope you succeed with your career RK. Hope we can meet again soon *bear hugs*

PS: This post supposed to be published few months earlier, but i’m too lazy to log in *fufufu*

Holy day,,

Bruises, injured, diarrhea, headache.. that’s what i got after yesterday weekend.
My office held a 2 days 1 night holiday for its employee and family to Anyer Beach and it was fun! My room is in a 2 story bungalow with 3 rooms.. all girls 😀
On day 1, we have games for all employees and family, traditional games which we always did on our independence day. All seems to enjoy the games. balap karung bakiak
Next, we ate our dinner, seafood, and winners of the games got their prizes. And after that is free time for all.
I spent my afternoon playing with waves and ride the banana boat along with other 4 girls. It was right on the sunset time, so our background while banana boating is very beautiful.
The sky is getting darker and i feel very tired then i go to sleep.
Day 2, i got diarrhea, darn! I can’t even finish my breakfast..only drink tea on and on.. I think i can’t make it to the beach, but once i got water splash me around, my diarrhea can’t stop me from swimming.. So be it!
After finished swimming, I take shower. Unlucky me, I ran out of water! so i have to wait for 15 minutes until the water slowly running just drops by drops.. thanks God i can finish my shower :-l
And.. we went back home on Sunday noon.. arrived safely at home.. missing my bed :p