Today is the Day!!

The day has finally come..
Today is the day that I’m going back to Korea, as I promised myself on Banpo bridge last year.
I’m so excited for today, and I won’t let anything useless ruin my day!
I’m going tonight with 11:30pm flight along with 3 girlfriends, surely I won’t feel bored on the 7hrs flight :p

We will rock this trip! Ciaoo..


Holy day,,

Bruises, injured, diarrhea, headache.. that’s what i got after yesterday weekend.
My office held a 2 days 1 night holiday for its employee and family to Anyer Beach and it was fun! My room is in a 2 story bungalow with 3 rooms.. all girls 😀
On day 1, we have games for all employees and family, traditional games which we always did on our independence day. All seems to enjoy the games. balap karung bakiak
Next, we ate our dinner, seafood, and winners of the games got their prizes. And after that is free time for all.
I spent my afternoon playing with waves and ride the banana boat along with other 4 girls. It was right on the sunset time, so our background while banana boating is very beautiful.
The sky is getting darker and i feel very tired then i go to sleep.
Day 2, i got diarrhea, darn! I can’t even finish my breakfast..only drink tea on and on.. I think i can’t make it to the beach, but once i got water splash me around, my diarrhea can’t stop me from swimming.. So be it!
After finished swimming, I take shower. Unlucky me, I ran out of water! so i have to wait for 15 minutes until the water slowly running just drops by drops.. thanks God i can finish my shower :-l
And.. we went back home on Sunday noon.. arrived safely at home.. missing my bed :p